Tidbits of Life 生活 · 生趣

《 Tidbits of life 》

Wu fondly captures the essence of local daily life in Hong Kong with Chinese ink, rubbing and mixed media.

Her works portray a range of local scenes that will strike a chord with residents immediately, including women enjoying masks homemade from ingredients like tea bags and cucumber, allusion to the annual flock of worshippers to temples during Lunar New Year, the Wholesale Fruit Market which is on the way to her child’s school, and a reference to Hong Kong’s crammed living environment.

Displaying a gifted sense of humor, Evan aspires for her works to provide the audience with an alternate taste of Hong Kong culture. She invites the audience to reconsider preconceived ideas of the city they inhabit, and the culture they have grown accustomed to.

Re-interpreting traditional concepts through the lens of contemporaneity, Wu breathes new life into common stories and reminds us how colorful our city is.

《生活 · 生趣》

作者透過水墨、拓印和混合媒體,重新演繹熟悉的家 – 香港。




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