About Me

Ms WU Siu Ping, Evan is a locally born Hong Kong resident. She graduated with a Master Degree on Fine Art in RMIT University at 2012, and she further her studies on graphic design and jewelry design at the Design First Institute of Art & Design and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is well experienced in advertising graphic design, and now a full-time artist.

She grew up in Hong Kong where the world’s cultures blend and provide privilege of studying Chinese and Western arts simultaneously. Her vast experience in graphic design work has allowed her to get in touch with people and works of various art perspectives and dimensions. She adopts an open, active and integrating approach in her understanding and absorbing of various types of art. In creating her works, she primarily aims at the full expression of her ideas and comes up with her own approaches not constrained by the limits in respect of materials, ideas and types of Chinese and Western arts. She enjoys creating with alternative subject matters, expressing contemporary feelings, reflecting exploring people and happenings around.

Her work has been exhibited and collected in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, India, Serbia and all around the world.






生長於世界文化交融的香港社會,接受中西藝術教育。在平面設計工作的豐富經驗中,接觸不同藝術角度與層面的人與物,對各類藝術的理解和吸收 採取開放,積極,融合的態度。


作品曾於香港,中國,台灣,韓國,美國,俄羅斯,英國,法國,印度, 塞爾維亞等地展出及被收藏。