Revivification 蝶.誌

The changing butterflies 蝶變
Dreaming with butterflies 與蝶同夢
Dancing butterfly 蝶舞

Recycle ‧ Regenerate ‧ Renew

The lifestyle magazines present ideas of the material world, most of them are usually considered as a commercial based, open sourced media, with thousands of duplicates printed every issue. They are superbly designed, printed and produced but last for just a few weeks only to be thrown away as garbage or recycled.

Wu has given back issue magazines a new life. Using butterfly as a symbol, represent their beauty and glorious, but a very short lifespan.

After a series of manufacture and furnishing, they lost their commercial nature, and have transformed into unique and exclusive art pieces.

By using the magazine pages as a material, and using the motif of the butterfly – perhaps her intention is to find a poetic language to set the viewer “ free” to a more transcendence and spiritual feeling than the original magazine might have.

Perhaps it might shift the viewers position from one of consumer to one who seeks loftier and more meaningful values.

再造 ‧ 再生 ‧ 再新

生活雜誌是一種消費文化的載體, 以緊貼報導 ”流行”和 ”品味”事物為主導。讀者相信通過定期閱讀, 能與 ”流行”生活同步, 緊跟消費資訊, 令消費者自覺更精明,從而社會價值觀被認同。







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